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What is The Songhai Institute?

The Songhai Institute (SI) is a skills academy for developing skilled leadership and entrepreneurs with unique capabilities in execution in their respective domain of career practice.


The SI works with businesses and innovation centers to accelerate Go-To-Market strategies and create leaders who excel at the level of Fortune 50 leadership competencies, but yet with execution strengths of top agile startup businesses. 


The SI offers accredited programs with its partners to individuals through carefully designed rigorous, practical curriculum and problem-solving using Game Theory and strong emphasis on emerging technologies. 


The Songhai Institute (SI) runs a core Practice School Program that emphasizes innovative problem-framing and practical problem solving. It also works with companies to design and deliver in-house execution programs to address specific gaps in strategy execution with respect to internal leadership.

A) THE (The Practice School Program) 

  1. Public programs

  2. New Ventures Programs 

            (1) NSS Entrepreneurship &  Innovation Practice School

            (2) NSS Graduate MBX Program


B) SI Corporate In-House Programs customized for companies.

The Songhai Institute (SI) also leads team off-sites for management and leadership teams and accelerate team skills through SI's proprietary simulation games.

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