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THE (The Practice School Program) 

Management Business Execution (MBX)

What differentiates the consistent performance of Fortune 50 companies from their competition?  The answer lies in the skills of their leaders, the supporting systems and the processes that make their business leaders consistently outperform their peers in the markets they compete in.  these leaders possess a set of skills and are well versed in certain critical business frameworks and tools that allow them to be unique problem-solvers for their companies.  It is that set of frameworks and tools that is the focus of the 7-Day Immersion Program. The course is a 7-day immersion into practical business frameworks proven very effective at Fortune 50 companies and a carefully designed daily work to give you the critical skills and insights for you to do your best work for your company.


Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Foundational data analytics tools identify opportunities in your company’s data and work with data frameworks used in practice, with a goal of identifying growth opportunities in your industry. You will learn to create new data products as part of the business innovation process - Tapping your data sources to create new products and to help your customers experience your brand.  We know data and have big data expertise to help you innovate in new markets.


Sales & Solution Selling (S&S)

Our solution that allows you to tie your corporate strategy to actual execution in customer channels and synchronizes performance across your company. Foundational principles and methods of using market comparative data and sales data to design effective incentive compensation system that supports specific business strategies.  Emphasis placed on analytics and implementation.

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