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What is The Practice School?

The Practice School is a Corporate Apprenticeship Program, with in-residence partners from The Songhai Group, with the main goal to develop high potential employees within your organization to lead and to excel at a level competitive with leaders found in Fortune 50 companies. 


Our focus is to work with your identified employees as they tackle day-to-day challenges for your organization and your industries.


Companies participating gain access to world-class best practices research driven by member priorities, access to The Practice School's Executive Tracks (Financial Management, Corporate Audit, and Corporate Development) to develop world-class managers.  For participants, The Practice School will offer;


•       Desk Audit for respective company

•       Real-world hands-on project execution within a rotation.

•       Access to Practice School Tools 

•       Fierce Coaching 

•       Project mentoring and career coaching 

•       Executive Communication Immersion 

•       Systems Thinking Immersion


Employees in the program who complete a functional development cycle become members of a powerful alumni network.

Practical Fortune 50 Frameworks

You select employees and we guarantee knowledge and expertise transfer from Fortune 50 companies to you.....


The Practice School's MBX Program is how we equip your best employees to sustainably transform your business.  That is our apprenticeship.

Practical, relevant, on the job real-business challenges 
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