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Big Data Analytics - Using Data to Identify Growth Opportunities

In individual and team exercises, you will work your way up from foundational data analytics tools and exercises to identify opportunities in your companies’ data and work with data frameworks used in practice. The second day then focuses on identifying applications in your industry and for your companies’ business model that can become sources of revenue growth for your company.

Program Objectives

  • Strategies for creating new data products to augment existing offerings

  • How to think about data and the importance of leveraging your data to solve problems

Day 1 – Data Analytics Foundations

Introduction to Big Data

  • What is big data? 

  • What are the forms of big data (Structured, Unstructured and Combo)

  • Become familiar with the techniques and tools for capturing, processing, classifying and organizing knowledges   


Data Modelling Strategies  

  • How to analyze large quantities of a data and information through analytics

  • Statistical Techniques for Data Mining

  • Regression Techniques


Day 2 – Data Applications

Customer Data Analytics

  • What do customers want?                                                

  • Forecasting (Using S curves to forecast choice Analysis,

       Marketing sales of a new product)                                                                             

  • Retail Forecasting

  • Market Segmentation                                                           

  • Customer Value

Data Decision Science

  • Making choices under uncertainty

  • Conjoint Analysis, Discrete  

  • Metrics Design        

  • Marketing Research Tools   

  • Data Products Design                                    

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing

  • Strategists

  • Insurance Houses

  • Banks

  • Journalist

  • Academics

  • Consulting

  • Media Houses

  • Government

  • Nonprofit

  • High Tech

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

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